I’m Lisa Deck and I am a survivor. I’ve endured in a short time what most people couldn’t fathom in a lifetime. My struggle with stroke began at 21 years of age with the shocking diagnosis of stroke, one week before my college graduation. I went on to suffer two more strokes but was able to maintain life through chemotherapy treatment, steroids, blood thinners and occupational therapy. Through my countless side effects including early menopause, I fought to regain control of my life. I am now a happily married mother of two. This past year, I was honored to serve as a Go Red for Women National Spokeswomen for the American Heart Association. This past year, I was also shocked when my stroke symptoms returned and wouldn’t subside. The doctors revealed a new diagnosis of Moyamoya disease. I underwent double brain bypass surgeries in California in June 2015. Along with my family, I am tirelessly advocating for awareness for those with heart disease, stroke and Moyamoya disease. I will use this blog to share my thoughts and fears and to educate and inspire others. I truly believe I have another chance at a great life and plan to make the most of it!